CAYA Contraceptive gel non-hormonal all natural Health


CAYA Contraceptive gel non-hormonal all natural Health

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Caya Contraceptive Gel

-100% natural contraceptive gel

– Free from nonoxynol-9

-Lactic acid based to inhibit sperm survival

– Contains cellulose to inhibit sperm motility

– To be used with a barrier contraceptive such as the diaphragm

Caya Contraceptive Gel is designed for use with natural latex rubber or silicone diaphragms, caps and condoms.

It is free from nonoxynol-9, a nasty chemical regularly used in spermicides which has been known to seriously aggravate the skin and in some cases make you more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases. Caya Contraceptive Gel uses 100% natural ingredients which are really kind to your body and won?t cause any discomfort or soreness.

Caya Contraceptive Gel is lactic acid based, which means it lowers the pH level of the vagina to inhibit sperm survival. As well as this, the gel contains cellulose which increases the viscosity of the vaginal fluids to inhibit sperm motility. In this respect it is not spermicidal as it doesn’t kill sperm, but instead inhibits their motility in order to prevent conception. When used with barrier contraceptives such as a diaphragm, Caya Contraceptive Gel is just as effective in preventing pregnancy as nonoxynol-9-based spermicidal gels are.
Caya Contraceptive Gel is designed to be applied to your contraceptive cap or diaphragm before insertion. However it also comes with a reusable applicator tip which allows you to apply the gel directly inside your vagina. You must apply the gel in this way if you have worn the cap for longer than two hours before intercourse, or before each time you have sex if the diaphragm/cap has not been removed.

NEW!!! Health Canada and EU Approved:

Caya Single Size Contoured Diaphragm

-Posted all over the world with no prescription or fitting needed.
-Caya is a single-size contraceptive barrier device designed to fit a broad range of women.
-The contoured diaphragm design is easy to use and offers discreet contraceptive protection.
– Caya Single Sized Contoured Diaphragm

What is Caya® diaphragm?

The Caya® diaphragm is a new, safe contraceptive. It was developed together with users in an intensive research process in the USA. Caya® is inserted into the vagina, just like a tampon. Then it is placed directley in front of the cervix to prevent sperm cells from entering. The ease of use and safety has been studied in extensive test1.

Why Use A Diaphragm?

It’s a 100% Natural Contraceptive.
It’s an Instantly Reversible Contraceptive.
It’s Totally Hormone Free.
You can carry it discretely with you for use only when you need it.

Why Use The Caya Diaphragm?

It’s Latex Free.
It’s designed with women’s anatomy in mind, in consultation with diaphragm users.
One Size Fits Most Women: Suitable for users of 65mm, 70mm, 75mm or 80mm diaphragms – no prescription, doctor’s visit or fitting necessary!
It’s Health Canada and EU / CE 0470 Certified.

Caya®Safety, ease of use and comfort have been proven in clinical studies.


The innovative form and function of Caya® were studied and tested in several independent studies 1?4 in the US.

In a multicentric clinical trial by CONRAD4, at 10 centres in the US the reliability was examined: In 450 couples, the risk of pregnancy, safety, acceptance of the contraception method and fit were tested.


The Caya contoured diaphragm is easy to use and offers discreet contraceptive protection.
Caya was developed as the SILCS diaphragm in a user centered design process incorporating input from women, their partners, and providers. This feedback led to an innovative design that is easy and comfortable to use.
Caya is made for women who are interested in a non-hormonal, user-initiated method with no side-effects.
Cervical cup: accomodates a range of cervical sizes.

Rim: provides stability and helps guide the Caya deep into the vagina as the woman pushes on the anterior edge.
Grip dimples: orient the woman’s fingers and provide a tactile cue for where to hold and squeeze the rim.
Removal dome: allows for easy removal; a woman’s finger can fit under or over the dome to remove the device.
Caya is an ISO 13485: 2010 CE certified medical device. MedIntim Is The Registered Manufacturer Of Caya Single Size Contoured Diaphragms RDO Medical

* No Fitting Necessary Means Diaphragm Usage Is Now Open To Those Without A Doctor Who Will Measure For The Correct Fit.
* Diaphragms are a Great Option For Non-Hormonal Contraception During The Fertility Window.
Caya Single Sized Diaphragms MUST Be Used With A Contraceptive Gel

The Diaphragm comes with one:

– Caya Diaphragm Gel Natural Vegan Contraceptive Gel – 60ml Tube

A Natural Spermicide Alternative, Free Of Nonoxynol 9 That Dramatically Reduces The Chance Of Irritation.

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