FemCap 30 mm with Contragel cervical cap + 2x BONUS Gel & BBT – free of latex –


FemCap 30 mm with Contragel cervical cap + 2x BONUS Gel & BBT – free of latex –

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FemCap (Large 30 mm) 

New non-hormonal latex-free contraceptive device

+ Free Contragel !
+ Free BONUS Digital Basal Thermometer BBT Cyclotest lady

 Finally -effective,  safe, comfortablecontraception without risking your health or fertility!

What is theFemCap?

The FemCap is areusable  anatomically designedsilicone cap you place over your cervix before you have sex.

The FemCap is    *Non Hormonal;    *Latex free;    *Completely Natural;   *Reusable

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The FemCap is made of silicone rubber, a non-allergenic, durable material which is easyto  clean.

The FemCap‘sdesign  simply prevents sperm fromentering the cervix and womb.

The FemCap is designed to conform to the anatomy of the cervix and the vagina to ensure maximum fit and comfort.
The underside ofthe dome forms a bowl which covers the cervix completely.

The brim serves toform  a seal against the vaginal walland acts as a funnel to direct the ejaculate fluid into the groove. The FemCap is designed with a unique groove facingthe  vaginal opening. This groovestores the spermicide and traps the sperm.

The FemCap includes:

a brim

-a dome

-a groove between the dome and the brim

– a removalstrap


*I recommendcleaning  your cap by wiping withhousehold vinegar, rinsing with water and allowing it to dry before storage. You can boil your cap in water periodically tosterilize it  if you wish.

Why use a FemCap?

The Fem Cap is upto 98%  EFFECTIVE when used with acontraceptive gel.


 Compare the FemCap‘s advantages to the low effectiveness rate of other barrierr methods, and the known dangers of The Pill and other hormonalcontraceptivess  whose risks ofteninclude loss of sex drive, mental and emotional healthh problems, stroke, heart attack, infertility and cancer..

* Safe, effective,and  highly acceptable to women andmen.


* Completelynatural sensation during  intercourse.


* Fast to learnand easy to use.


* Can be insertedseveral  hours before sexualintimacy.


* Allows fornatural spontaneity.


* Does not interfere with the female sex drive like hormones do.


* Comes in threesizes  (can fit almost any woman)


* Inexpensive,reusable for two years,  environmentally safe.


* Helps womenmaintain a healthy menstrual cycle.


* Instant reversibility when pregnancy is desired.


* Woman has fullcontrol (no  male involvement).


* Discreetmake-up-like container enhances portability.


 * More acceptable to the health careprovider.


* Step-by-stepinstructions  and email support areprovided with each FemCap kit.


* Hypo-allergenic latex-free material allows for non-stick easy wash.


* Naturalanatomical  design

* Protects againstchlamydia and gonorrhea (but not other STIs – use a condom!)

The FemCap was extensively tested and compared with the vaginal diaphragm inmulti-center  clinical trials in theUnited States, according to FDA regulations.

In these clinicaltrials  75% of women who had used thediaphragm preferred The FemCap.

The FemCap doesnot  interfere with breastfeeding.

Recommended to beused  with contraceptive gel . Istrongly recommend using Contra Gel natural contraceptive gel. N-9 spermicides have been found to drasticallyincrease  women’s risk of STIinfections including HIV (AIDS). Buy with Contra Gel natural contraceptive gel in a combo pack at a discount!

Which size do you need?

The FemCap comes in three sizes. The inner diameter of the rim determines its size. The smallest  rim diameter (22mm) isintended for women who have NEVER been pregnant. The medium (26mm) cap is intended for women who have been pregnant even for 2weeks  and did not have a vaginaldelivery. The largest (30mm) is intended for women who have had a vaginal delivery of a full-term baby.


The only exceptionto this rule, if a woman had a  spontaneous miscarriage and/or she was not aware of it, in which case she should receive the 26mm FemCap.  Ifthe woman and her clinician are in doubt it is more appropriate to use the 26mm FemCap.



The FemCap is:

FDA Approved

CE Approved in Europe

Health Canada approved

Covered by most USand  Canadian insurance plans thatreimburse contraception. Ask me and I will provide all the info you need to make your claim.

No prescription is required when ordered from Anarres Natural Health. Tracey TieF is aCertified Natural Health Practitioner as permitted by the FDA and the manufacturer.

The FemCap comesin  three sizes: 22mm, 26mm, 30mm.

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The inner diameterof  the rim determines its size.PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING FIT.

~ The smallest rim diameter (22mm) is intended for women who have never been pregnant, evenfor a  few weeks. If you’veexperienced miscarriage or abortion, please choose the medium sized (26mm) cap.

~ The medium(26mm) cap  is intended for women whohave been pregnant, even for a few weeks, but have not had a FULL TERM vaginal delivery. If you experienced a miscarriage orabortion,  even if it was vaginal, ofa first or second term pregnancy, please choose this cap. If you gave birth by Cesarian section, choose this 26mm cap.

~ The largest(30mm) is  intended for women whohave had a vaginal delivery of a full-term baby.


The FemCap was extensively tested and compared with the vaginal diaphragm in multicenter clinical trials in the United States, according to FDA regulations. Inthese  clinical trials 75 % of womenwho had used the diaphragm preferred The FemCap

The FemCap is designed to conform to the anatomy of the cervix and the vagina to ensure maximum fit and comfort. The FemCap includes a brim, a dome, a groove between the dome and the brim, and a removalstrap.


As a GIFT we put 2x Bonus!! Contragel green + digital Digital basal Thermometer BBT Thermometers From Cyclotest lady

Digital basal Thermometer BBT Thermometers Cyclotest Lady

This thermometer from Cyclotest was designed especially for manual fertility charting and is considered to be one of the best in it’s class on the market. What makes it so special? Well a couple of things.


Portfolio rapid 03Firstly, when you take your temperature it gives a nice clear beep and records the temperature so when you next turn it on you can see what the reading was. Why is that important? Well it lets you wake up dreary eyed, take your temperature and go back to sleep, worrying about recording the temperature on your chart until later in the morning when you’ve had a coffee.

Secondly, like the Cyclotest fertility monitors, this has a flexible neck made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) which allows the user to comfortably maintain a stable position at a fixed point below the tongue, vital when measuring BBT to one hundredth of a degree.

Very importantly too is the quality of it’s German manufacturing ensures that it is correctly calibrated to medical standards.

Finally it has a low battery symbol incorporated. When trying to measure to a hundredth of a degree, a digital thermometer needs a constant flow of electrical current. When the battery power starts to fade on a digital thermometer the readings will become less accurate. Although it will eventually stop working, advising you that indeed the batteries need changing, the previous collection of readings would have been inaccurate.


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