LELO HEX Original, Luxury Condoms with Unique Hexagonal Structure, Thin Yet S…


LELO HEX Original, Luxury Condoms with Unique Hexagonal Structure, Thin Yet S…

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  • PLEASURE & SAFETY THROUGH INNOVATION New, re-engineered HEX improves grip and reduces slippage
  • STRENGTH & THINNESS COMBINED The hexagonal web provides the strength to contain a condom break to an individual hexagonal cell
  • ENHANCED SAFETY – The HEX web decreases the chance of tears and contains them on the off chance that they do occur
  • GUARANTEED PLEASURE – HEX brings together the strength of a thick condom and pleasure of a thin one
  • Unique engineering and design principles: Inspired and influenced by physical and geometric laws, described as the first innovation in condoms

Size:12 pack  |  Style:LELO HEX Original Luxury Condoms LELO HEX delivers strength, thinness and sensation through structure. It’s thefirst major condom innovation in 70 years. In that time, dangerous newsexually transmitted infections have emerged, and the condom has failed tokeep up. LELO HEX comes as a giant leap forward in the fight for great, safesex – with a structurally different design, that means you can see and feelthe difference. HEX is structurally different because it applies a uniquehexagonal web through the latex, which makes it look and perform differentlyto any other condom today. From the Manufacturer Structure Makes All theDifference HEX is unique in that it combines a 0.055mm HEX web with ultra-thin0.045mm latex panels for thinness and strength combined.HEX channels stressthrough the structure itself while bringing you closer to your partner, safein the knowledge that HEX has your back. It’s What’s on the Inside That CountsWe’re all familiar with ribs and dots on condoms, but LELO’s engineers turnedthe application of texture on its head. There’s a reason wet-weather tireshave a textured surface, while slick tires do not. Texture provides extra holdon the track and reduces the chances of slippage. That’s why, unlike anycondom before, HEX is covered with an internal hexagonal web. By having thisraised web on the inside rather than the outside surface, , HEX helps you andyour partner enjoy each other fully and with confidence. STRENGTH Graphene-inspired HEX structure for thinness and strength combined. SENSATION Raisedinner structure designed to minimize slippage and maximize sensitivity.INTIMACY Ultra-thin panels flex and mold to the uniqueness of the wearer.LELO: The Brand Behind HEX LELO exists to make the world more pleasurablethrough innovation and design. For well over a decade, LELO, the Swedishdesign brand behind HEX, has been the world’s leading name in the pleasureindustry. To date, 10 million LELO pleasure products have been sold in over 50markets worldwide, and 36 major design and industry awards have beencollected. That includes the Cannes Lions Award for Product Design with ORA,and multiple Red Dot and A Design awards. About the Startup Describe yourproduct in 3 words. Innovative, Effective, Different. How did you come up withthe idea for this product? It’s an idea that had to happen, and LELO wasperfectly placed to make a re-engineered condom a reality. LELO’s heritage andreputation is built on innovation, on perfecting the imperfect. The idea toturn our experience and expertise to the condom was a very natural one, and itfelt right from the start – over 7 years ago. What makes your product special?There’s a reason why honeycombs are the shape they are, and why snake scalesmove the way they do. It’s because hexagons are strong, symmetrical, andtessellate perfectly. They’re nature’s go-to shape for anything needing to beat once lightweight, and incredibly strong. That’s why the structure ofGraphene – the thinnest, strongest material known to science is … you guessedit, hexagonal. With 350 individual hexagons applied throughout each LELO HEX,the condom’s surface tessellates and molds to the unique shape of the wearer.The result is a new feeling of intimacy and comfort never felt in condomsbefore. What has been the best part of your startup experience? The best partof this process has been bringing to life a project that we’ve been working onfor so long – 7 years – and delivering it to an audience that has supported usso vocally all the way. Proving to the condom industry that there was a demandfor innovation, and then being able to offer that innovation, has beenincredibly rewarding, made all the better by the continuous positive coverageand reviews the product is receiving.

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